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Product Care

Is my Product Guaranteed?
We guarantee the workmanship of our merchandise for 2 years.

If within this period you experience a manufacturing fault with your product, we will repair, or at our discretion, replace the merchandise at no cost to you.

We do not consider damage caused by normal wear and tear to be a fault. Equally damage caused by use of the merchandise for purposes other than its intended use is equally not considered a manufacturer’s defect.

How do I repair an item?
We offer a repair service for products purchased at and out of guarantee.

Please contact us by at:

+39 0541411785

For items not purchased at, please contact the authorised retailer where the product was purchased.

Instructions to keep these bags beautiful for years to come:
- Be careful not to scratch or rub your accessory against abrasive surfaces or keep it in prolonged contact with other leathers.
- Avoid contact with creams, hand-cleansers, cosmetics, perfumes, water and other oily substances. The same applies to the interior.

- Keep your accessory away from moisture or direct sources of heat such as radiators or closed vehicles in summer.

- Store your accessory in its original packaging when not in use. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

- Do not use solvents or other aggressive products to clean the leather and metal detailing. Contact our customer care or your trusted local drugstore.

- Estemporanea uses precious, naturally-tanned leathers in compliance with the strictest environmental regulations.
Products may display irregularities or imperfections but these make your accessory unique.

- All metal detailing is manufactured in Italy, treated with nickel-free procedures and protected from oxidisation. Keep it away from moisture, heat sources, oily substances, seawater and liquids in general.

- Signs of oxidisation are part of the product’s lifecycle. If you need to clean it with products specifically for metals, contact our customer care or your trusted local drugstore.

- Every item is handmade in Italy and may show imperfections that make it unique and valuable.