Made in Italy

High quality Made in Italy Leather

All materials used by Estemporanea are Made in Italy. Massimo performs strict manual control for guarantee quality and softness of the leather.

Thimble & Thread

Thimble and thread. Each Estemporanea bag is characterised by the saddle stitch sewn by Cinzia. The manifesto of italian handmade.

Black Costa

Each item has a raw edge detail dyed with natural colours especially created for the leather.
Valeria works two hours for each Estemporanea Bag


Marinella and avant-garde technological production techniques. Each Estemporanea bag comes with ruthenium – finish hardware, crafted in hypoallergenic brass.

The Logo

The silver heat-embossed minimal logo is found on all products Guido uses manual techniques to create a one-of-a-kind shine.