“Every bag takes its name and inspiration from imagined scenarios with female icons.”
Riccardo Ugolini, creative director


Deborah Ann Harry, or Debbie, the singer from Blondie. I imagined her coming down the steps off a plane, full of energy, charismatic and mysterious, wrapped in a brazen allure that is possessed only by those who know they are an icon, Bag in hand and the flash of the paparazzi.


Mary Angela Barnett was the first wife of David Bowie, androgynous and transformative like her husband.

I thought of her and a hectic day, jumping from one taxi to the next with her faithful handbag accompanying her along the way.


Christa Päffgen, known as Nico, the singer and actress, and muse of Warhol’s New York underground. Sat in a Paris cafe, it was autumn, cigarette smoke and a few photographs.

So I imagined Nico with this bag, completing her beautiful, mysterious being.


Judi, from the song Judi is a Punk, inspired by the Ramones, founders of the 70’s punk rock movement. Listening to the song I thought of her, the unwitting protagonist of the track, her beauty and fragility, and how she felt when she was at the CBGB in New York and the band started playing the piece


Kate Moss, different from all the others, a blend of beauty and transgression. I imagined Kate accompanying Pete Doherty to major music festivals. Camera around her neck, a glass in on hand and this backpack in the other.


Grace Jones, an untamned, statutory model, the essence of the 80’s. I thought of her with this colourful, pop shoulder bag, going into Studio 54.