The Estemporanea legacy is born through state-of-the-art design and innovative way of thinking.
The brand was founded By Ugolini Riccardo and Vicini Luca in 2015.

Estemporanea combines the need for everyday functionality, with the dynamic identity of the contemporary individual.

Estemporanea’s first collection was launched in 2015 with Selfridges, Excelsior, Harvey Nichols, Beymen.

Each piece from the Estemporanea collection is manufactured with the made in Italy savoir faire, from refined leather to the brand signature two-prism hardware detailing, in exclusive ruthenium color.

“I love black, for me it is The Colour.

But when I think of the colours of the collection and why a woman should wear a Yellow accessory rather than Blue, I think of their desire to feel beautiful and comfortable with that colour and that situation … someone wears a colourful accessory because they can and have the personality to do so.

That is why reasoning for seasons is reductive, especially for them.”

Riccardo Ugolini,
creative director

The Estemporanea style is the work of creative Riccardo Ugolini who has worked in fashion design for almost 10 years. With the experience gained in the style department of luxury brands, he now expresses himself by creating for the brand, of which he is also co-founder.

The Estemporanea philosophy is in perfect harmony with Riccardo’s style, which combines his creative vision with the modern emphasis on innovation without ever neglecting the excellence of the past.